Hello! Here is how you book a participant

into a bed at Kalikalos

If you know how to do it, then just click here, otherwise please read this introduction. Thank you.

  • Getting Started

  • First, you will need your special leaders (sometimes called "members") booking login name or i.d. and password. Your Booking name usually begins with "leader" and ends with your week number, e.g. "leader5". A password is also required, and as soon as you are ready to book people in, please email jockm2 [at] gmail [dot] com at Findhorn or j [dot] arolouis [at] googlemail [dot] comJohanna Aro-Louis in Forres, Scotland and we will send it to you. If at any time you forget your booking name or password, or they don't seem to work, email us. Please bear in mind that you must have COOKIES ENABLED on your browser for it to work, because the database has to know that you are logged in so that somebody else cannnot log in simultaneously. It does this by putting an innocuous cookie on your hard disk temporarily while you are logged in.

  • Working with the available (empty) beds in your week

  • Once you have logged in, you will see a list of all the empty beds for your week. Click on a Bed number, for instance, C5, to open up that particular record (namely bed No.5 in Room C) for adding your participant's details. When you have entered the person's relevant details in those vertical fields, click Modify. That will take you back to your administration page where you can see all your records again, with the changes you made to C5.

    Please note: you can only see and modify empty bed records for your own week.

  • Viewing all the beds in your week, free or occupied

  • If you want to see (but not modify) all the beds, empty or occupied, in your own week (or, for that matter, any of our workshop weeks), click Return to Entry Page, and enter as a GUEST, or do it right from here. If you have any problems in booking, do email one of us. Where possible we try to keep the participants of one workshop in different rooms to the Community Guests or staff, or those of another workshop, but sometimes there is overlap. Ditto with genders.

  • Room Supplements and Single room bookings

  • Please be aware that if people have requested a single room, we offer single accomodation for a £135/€150 supplement, and please book these single room people into one of the village rooms (X, Y, or Z) shown on the database. Advise Jock or Johanna by email (see above) of their name(s), and we will arrange a room for them at a nearby guest house 5-8 min walk from the Centre, unless by chance there is a free room at the Centre on the day of their arrival.

  • Additional guest days before or after your workshop

  • You won't be able to book yourself into a bed for other weeks because we give paying participants and Community Guests attending those weeks' workshops first priority. When you know which days you might want, please email Jock or Johanna and we will in the first instance book you into a tent space, and then when the time actually comes, if there is a bed free you get it. Please also let us know if you require space for a partner or family during any of those times so we can put them at the head of the queue as well. We can, of course, book you (and partner) into ensuite accomodation at a local guest house, but there would be the usual £135/150 supplement charge.

Okay, now lets go to the Booking Database